A Book Signed by the Author Makes a Great Present

If you’re having trouble thinking of what present to buy someone this holiday sesason, consider a book signed by the author. Here are some of my books with suggested audience and appropriate age.

Fig Pudding (a Christmas story great for kids grades three through six)

The Sandman (a magical picture book suited for kids four through eight)

Guy-Write: What Every Guy Writer Needs To Know (ideal for a boy who likes writing, ages 9 through 14)

Marshfield Dreams: When I Was A Kid (appropriate for kids grades 2 through 6)

Also Known As Rowan Pohi (a young adult novel suitable for kids grades seven and older)

What A Writer Needs, 2nd edition (my best book on writing and teaching writing)

Email if you’re interested: fletcher17@earthlink.net

I’ll need your name and address plus the name of the person receiving the book.

I’ll sign the book and mail it to you.

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