February Thoughts

Happy New Year, everyone!

Hey, writing teachers…

I’m working on a new book on teaching nonfiction. It will be published by Stenhouse, hopefully fall 2014. Right now it looks like the book will focus mostly on grades 2 – 8.
I’m looking for student writing samples. These pieces should be short (I can’t use long pieces), lively, strong on voice. I’m looking for out-of-the-box writing where the student approaches the topic in a new way.For instance, a student may write an informational piece as a poem, or rap. Humor is great, too.

If you have anything you think fits this bill I invite you to scan the sample and email it to me (ralph@ralphfletcher.com).  Or you could mail it to me at:

Ralph Fletcher

PO Box 855

Durham, NH 03824

Please note: I’m a one-man show so, alas, I probably won’t be able to respond to you unless I decide to use the piece. I have to be extremely selective.  Experience has taught me that I only end up using a tiny percentage of pieces that are submitted to me.

I’m also interested in any unusual projects teachers did with nonfiction, especially real-world, out-of-the-classroom experiences. (Remember: this is a book on teaching nonfiction writing.)


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