The Writing Teacher 039 S CompanionBoost writing instruction with an all-new resource from Ralph Fletcher!

Celebrated author and educator Ralph Fletcher provides a practical and illuminating guide to writing workshop for both new and veteran teachers. The Writing Teacher’s Companion describes components of a successful workshop, as well as the best ways to get the workshop started and sustain it successfully across the school year. Fletcher, a wise and witty writing companion, shows us why encouraging choice, purpose, and play helps students find their voices and produce strong, effective writing.

Book specs: 176 pages + access to online videos featuring Ralph Fletcher.

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Praise for The Writing Teacher’s Companion

“In this inspiring yet practical book, teachers are provided with the necessary tools that support young writers within the writing workshop. Page after page, Ralph Fletcher reminds us of the wonder, freedom, and power that exists when teachers and their students grow together as writers.”

MIKE OLIVER, Principal, Zaharis Elementary

“Ralph combines his wisdom and advice to create the go-to resource for helping teachers navigate the complexities of the writing workshop. This will become my new book— my new companion—to fill with sticky notes and to revisit throughout the year as I help my students learn to live like writers.”

MIKE REYNOLDS, 3rd-Grade Teacher, Chestnutwold School

“Ralph Fletcher reminds us that writing is an essential part of being human, and when we create spaces in which writers can flourish we are, indeed, serving humanity. The book reads as though Ralph is right beside us, urging us on, challenging us, helping us think, and reminding us to love the process.”

RICK MEYER, Regents’ Professor, Department of Language, Literacy & Sociocultural Studies, University of New Mexico

“Ralph’s work has mentored me as a writing teacher throughout my career. Again in The Writing Teacher’s Companion, he grounds us—reminds us what is most important in our workshops. He takes us back to the heart of writing workshop where writers, not writing, matter most.”

FRANKI SIBBERSON, National Council of English, 2017 Vice President, 3rd-Grade Teacher, Author of Still Learning

“Ralph has given us a refreshingly concise book about keeping it as simple as possible—while still getting great results. Perfect for anyone looking to improve their writing instruction!”

JIM FLANAGAN, 5th-Grade Teacher, Girard College Residential School

“Every time I hear Ralph Fletcher speak, I say to myself, ‘I wish he could run my firstgrade writing workshop while I watch and learn.’ Woo-hoo! My wish has come true. Don’t miss this chance to invite Ralph into your classroom. His reassuring words will help you create and sustain a writer-friendly space for students. Read the parts of this book that you need to nourish your craft, and then get ready to write, write, write!”

MARIA WALTHER, ED.D., Author, 1st-Grade Teacher

“With teachers of writing so crunched for time, I love that Ralph Fletcher has written a short, wonderful book that packs a BIG, POWERFUL punch! This text is a home run. It identifies the smart skills to nourish, illuminates the actual moves real writers make to produce high-quality text, and, best of all, it infuses the joy of writing into every page. Three cheers, Ralph Fletcher has done it again!”

ALAN SITOMER, California Teacher of the Year, Author of Mastering Short Response Writing

“Ralph’s wholesome guide is like a tonic for the soul of a writing teacher and an inspiring compass that points writing classrooms True North. Any writing teacher, young or old, can pick up this book and gain insight and inspiration.”

BARRY LANE, Literacy Consultant, Author of But How Do You Teach Writing?

“Ralph Fletcher provides powerful support to the writing teacher. He walks alongside, as a colleague and friend, offering practical ideas to get you started and sustain a joyous writing adventure with your students.”

MEGAN SLOAN, 3rd-Grade Teacher, Snohomish School, Author of Intro Writing: The Primary Teacher’s Guide to Writing Workshop

“In this just-tell-me-what-I-need-to know-now world, we need a friend to turn to again and again. Here’s your new friend who will be with you as you take the writing-process journey with your students. And since he lives in this book you’re holding, you can lean on him whenever you want. Meet Ralph—writer and friend who gets to the point about what’s best and possible.”

—JEFF ANDERSON, Author of the Zack Delacruz Series and Mechanically Inclined

“No one puts out a welcome mat for writing teachers like Ralph Fletcher. Veterans and novices alike will be encouraged by his engaging tone, inspiring ideas, and generosity of spirit. Ralph trusts in teachers, kids, and the power of choice. This is a confidence builder of a book and a companion to cherish.”

—NANCIE ATWELL, Global Teacher Prize Winner, Author of The Reading Zone, Second Edition

“Fletcher demonstrates that writer’s workshop is one of the best ways to help our kids grow as writers— and he makes it easy to do so with commonsense strategies, structures, and skills that ensure success!”

—SHAWN BIRD, ED.D., Chief Academic Officer, Pasadena Unified School District

“Ralph calls his book a writing teacher’s companion, but it also serves as a teacher’s gut check, reminding us of the most essential considerations for writing workshops that inspire children to write—to see themselves as writers. It’s a quick read, one that easily works as a companion to other professional resources for writing, because it simplifies complex ideas and practices around writing instruction.”

—KATHY COLLINS, Literacy Consultant, Author of Growing Readers